Tuesday, September 27, 2016
What a conference would offer is a weekend of presentations, vendors, and dungeon parties, along with an excellent opportunity to gather with friends and make new ones.
We have just begun the process. We have found a good location, and a date that works well with other Leather events in the Pacific Northwest. What we need now is the support of the BDSM community in the Greater Seattle Area. That is where you and your organization come in!


Our first task is fundraising.   Prior to collecting our first registration fee we need to do things like make a deposit on our facility, do some advertising, start making bookings for presenters, and possibly makes some initial investment in equipment.

Our second task will be to form a planning committee. Our intent is that this committee would be made up of chair people from various sub-committees. As we said, we have only just begun this process, we want people who have a passion for representing and serving their communities. Ideally the planning committee should represent the great diversity of the Seattle Leather Community and we hope everyone will get involved.
We have formed as a not for profit corporation to enhance our ability to raise funds.
Of course we would greatly benefit from normal donations, and we will gladly accept any amount you or your organization would like to contribute. Donations will help significantly with non-refundable costs.
We are also taking sponsorships in the form of Event Shares and establishing a group of founding members.  Event Shares are explained in greater detail on the Sponsorhip page, and founding membership information is available on the Memebrship page.
    Leather Reign
Leather Reign is the name for Seattle's premier BDSM conference.  The 2008 conference is planned for February 8-10, 2008 and we are actively looking for people who want to volunteer and work on various committess.  For more information on areas we are looking for people to get invloved in see the Event Planning page.
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